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We've been in business for the past 6 years now and things are getting better and better and the characters more beautiful.
A small group of dedicated artists is all it takes to make Illusions Designs one of the largest producers of excellent quality female millennium models.
The premise is simple; to create "the most beautiful Poser characters on the internet".
We began our Poser endeavor back in 1996/1997 doing some texture and modeling work with characters like Mimi 1.0 Nene 4.01, LinLin 4.3 etc from Yamato.

After several years working with Victoria 2 and creating some of the most popular and successful V2 characters on the market to date, we decided to venture in the new and much improved Victoria 3. It was the latest and most complete Millennium figure to date. Thus Illusions Designs was founded.

We have worked diligently and incessantly all these years to bring our customers the best well designed and crafted poser male and female figures that can be found anywhere online.

Our characters are created using the finest resources and skin definition comes from photos of real human skin at the highest resolution possible. The packages have beautiful oversized thumbnails that are easy to read and apply.

Complete customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Illusions Designs, Inc.


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